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Dental Implants in Turkey

Hundreds of thousands of people fly to Turkey every year for a complete smile makeover. The cost of implants in Turkey and a 98% success rate is what motivates dental tourists to book an appointment in Turkish world-class clinics. However, how much cheaper are dental implants in Turkey in comparison to Europe or the United Kingdom? 

Dental treatments and surgeries are complex procedures making it complicated to put an accurate price tag. We see different patients coming from different countries with personal needs and health conditions. Nobody can tell you what you will pay exactly on the final day. 

We want to share our experience working with international patients and tell you everything you need to know about dental treatments in general. With all potential risks and benefits involved going to Turkey is a decision that requires accurate, up-to-date information. 

So, this is why we have summarized everything we know in our guides available on our website. Today we are going to bring our loop and discover all the factors that determine the price and prepares you for making an intelligent decision. Let’s get started! 

The price of the single dental implant usually involves different factors such as a crown, implant, the abutment, status of your jawline, requirements for teeth extraction, prestige of the dental clinic and many more. You got it, the list of factors is enormous. And if these words are new to you. Just continue reading, we will talk about everything in detail step by step. 

Cost of dental implants in Turkey

Why do you think dentists in Turkey can offer their cost for less? Does it mean that they are using low-quality equipment and materials and cutting costs where possible? Dental clinics aren’t fast-food restaurants or airlines. They can offer their services for less without sacrificing quality. Ever wondered why big mac costs cheaper in Rome than in Zurich? However, both are using the same ingredients, following the same recipe and in 98% chance taste exactly the same. 

Pricing in different countries for dental implants vary due to lower taxes, rent expenses, higher dollar buying power, and overall cost of living. Thus making you the opportunity to take the benefit of differences in economic conditions and have a smile of your dreams with a big discount. 

All implants include abutment
Evoss, Implance (Turkish)£379
Zinedent by Straumann (Swiss)£459
A-Plus, Bego, Bredent (German)£459
Hiossen (USA)£559
Straumann (German)£699
Bone Grafting starts from£99
Sinus Lifting£299
Temporary Dentures£269

We are moving on to factors that determine the final price for dental implants in Turkey. And here is everything you need to consider and know. 

Implant quality

Implants are made in different parts of the world and have different quality, design features, and durability. Some dental clinics in Turkey use Swedish, American, Israeli or Turkish implants. The total price of implants varies accordingly. Usually, dental clinics offer you to choose from the implants they offer. And you will personally have an opportunity to decide on the final price by yourself. 

All dental implants essentially are titanium screws that go into your jaw. And the differences between dental implants are mostly technical since some implants are more narrow, longer or thicker. For example, your dentist can recommend you to use a specific brand for front teeth of the upper jaw. And most probably as a patient, you may not understand how a particular implant’s design affect the final result and durability. Also, it can be a personal preference of dentists performing the procedure since he/she is more familiar with the features of a particular brand. Overall, dental implants have a high success rate and as long as they have international certificates or FDA approved, it should succeed as expected. 

Methods & difficulty of implantation

Implants come in different shapes and sizes as well as methods of implantation. You could only determine a suitable for your conditions method after consultation with a professional dentist. A dentist after looking at your X-rays and oral inspection can suggest several ways: classical way, laser, basal or express implantation. 

The more complicated are your conditions the longer and more expensive it is going to take. For example, if your jawbone isn’t able to support dental implants, different techniques can be used to rebuild and restore it. Since dental implants require a sturdy foundation for implant-supported teeth. A good percentage of patients are required to go through bone augmentation, sinus lift, ridge expansion to restore jawline. (not necessarily elderly patients.) Each method affects the pricing of implants cost. Usually, in the case of some defects presence the total cost increases from 15-20%. 

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Dental clinics in Turkey

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Not every dental clinic in Turkey is the same. Although all dental clinics in Turkey who offer their services to international patients go under strong regulations from the Turkish government, the quality of equipment and expertise levels vary.  

All dentists have to practice at least 5 years in both private or public sectors 2 of which have to be in Turkey. So, any dentist you meet is not a newbie. It is normal to see a dental surgeon with 30 years of experience to set a higher price. 

Some dentists in Turkey are world-wide recognized with experience in the most modern technologies and methods. They usually work in institutions with ISO 9001 quality system certificates where the most advanced technologies are installed. This is why they usually set rather high dental implants cost. 

Now that you are familiar with factors influencing Dental implants prices in Turkey. Let’s summarize all the pros and cons of going to Turkey as a dental tourist. 

Pros and Cons of Turkey dental implants

Dental implants are a long-lasting procedure that not only improves self-esteem and your appearance but also improves your speech as you won’t mumble and slur your words anymore. Dental implants are a strong foundation for removable replacement teeth that look natural and feel like real teeth. 

The usual Turkey dental success rate is close to 98% and with proper care, implants can last a lifetime. Moreover, Turkish dental clinics provide all sorts of guarantees from 10 years to lifetime. So, they not only use the most modern technologies and high-quality materials but also cover additional risks. 

A conversation with a dental clinic regarding insurance policies is as important as choosing a dental implant method and material. Some clinics agree to give back 110% of all payment or redo everything. Some cover additional travel expenses in urgent situations. Sometimes dental clinics offer partnership programs with your local dentists to avoid additional travelling back and forth. 

And regarding the safety of implants, dentists are using medical-grade titanium implant fixtures which later fuses to the existing bone cell of the jaw. Titanium implants create a strong and durable foundation. Thus, you won’t face any difficulties in eating or talking. 

Also, depending on the dental implants method you will be required to fly to Turkey two times. 


  1. Dental implants in Turkey are a lot cheaper than in Europe
  2. Dentists in Turkey are highly trained and always up to date with new methods and techniques
  3. The same quality of implants materials are supplied by the same manufacturers used in European countries
  4. Superior customer care and customer-oriented process
  5. A chance to enjoy Turkey’s historical sites, incredible food and all-in-one hotel services


  1. A high price is you want to have only a few dental implants. We wouldn’t recommend you to fly to Turkey for minor dental treatments, because the price won’t be justifiable. 
  2. In most cases, you need to fly to Turkey a minimum two times for implant treatment.

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