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Smoking After The Dental Operations

The cigarette is a substance that has been in our lives for four centuries and negatively affects our health. Smoking damages our teeth and spoils our beautiful smiles. Getting our teeth done is also a significant problem if we are an addict. The question of smoking after the dental operation will come to mind. Cigarettes include carbon monoxide and tar poisons. These poisons not only turn your teeth yellow but also damage your oral health.

Can We Smoke After Dental Operations?

Dental Operation is a difficult experience for each of us. After the dental operation, our pain lasts for a few days. During the healing process, our daily lives and sleep are adversely affected. For smokers, this process is much more difficult.

Not smoking causes deprivation. The person becomes hard to live even his daily life. Smoking after dental operations is definitely not recommended. Especially, we do not recommend smoking in the first days, which is important for the healing of the wound. If you smoke during this period, the healing time of the wound will be prolonged and it will endanger your oral health.

But don’t worry, Smile Team Turkey‘s doctors are always ready to answer all the questions you have in mind.

Smoking after the dental operations can be a significant question. Our teeth make up an important part of our smile.
Our teeth make up an important part of our smile.

How Many Days Should I not Smoke?

Individuals wonder when they will return to their daily activities after the operation. Smoking after dental surgery is one of the most frequently asked questions by patients to doctors. We do not recommend anyone who wants to lead a healthy life to smoke. It’s worth bear in mind that, the first 24 hours are very critical.

Patients who have had a dental operation should not smoke even one cigarette in the first 24 hours. Also, it should be noted that is not recommended for the next 72 hours, three days, because the first days are of great importance for the healing of the mouth.

The best advice I can give you is to make a promise to yourself to stay away from smoking during your recovery period after dental surgery.

Why are we not smoking after The Dental Operations?

Not smoking after dental operations can be hard. You should take care of yourself and your oral health much more than usual. Your mouth is very sensitive after the operation. In this case, your risk of contracting certain complications is very high. Also, If you smoke after your dental operation, the healing of your wounds will be delayed. The important complication that is risks for you during the healing phase of your mouth.

It is important to protect our teeth from smoking after the dental operation.
It is important to protect our teeth from smoking after the dental operation.

Dry Socket

Dry socket, also known as alveolar osteitis, presents with pain a few days after tooth extraction. If you have had a new dental operation, your risk of getting a dry socket is high. If one or more of your teeth have been extracted, the gap in your gums needs to be filled with blood.

In some cases, this blood clot cannot form, and a dry socket forms. When you experiencing dry socket, unlike tooth extraction, you will feel very intense pain and painkillers will not be enough. In this case, you should definitely consult your doctor.

Some Reasons For Experiencing The Dry Socket

  • You may not have followed your doctor’s recommendations. If you have smoked in the first 72 hours, you are likely to experience a dry socket. The chemicals in and in the smoke of cigarettes will adversely affect your unprotected mouth.
  • After the dental operation, the sterile tampon should stay in your mouth for 30 minutes. After this stage, if you spit to stop the blood or apply pressure to your teeth, you are likely to experience a dry socket.
  • You should pay attention to what you eat after dental surgery. If food enters the extraction cavity, this will cause a dry socket.

How does smoking affect my health?

Cigarettes contain about 4000 chemicals such as formaldehyde, cyanide, ammonia, and so on. This addictive substance harms not only our lungs but almost all our organs. Smoking puts our cardiovascular health at risk and increases our likelihood of having a heart attack. Smoking, which causes bad breath by spoiling our oral health, also has a great negative effect on our teeth. It also affects fertility. The chemicals in it have a negative effect on female hormones.

What Can I do instead of smoking after the dental operation?

First of all, the most significant step is to intend to quit smoking. I congratulate you for doing this. Your intention will guide you and will come to your mind in times of abstinence.

  • You should get certain activities to do when you want a cigarette. These activities can be walking, yoga, meditation.
  • You can make suggestions such as “If I get over the cravings, I will give myself a gift, I will take myself out to dinner.”
  • Try to make your inner voice compassionate. Know that this is a difficult process and is temporary. The days when your body is holistically healthy are coming soon.
  • It should be noted that chewing gum will be good for you when your hand goes to cigarettes.
If you are one of those who have difficulty in smoking after dental operations, you can meditate.
“Meditation is like a gym in which you develop the powerful mental muscles of calm and insight.”

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