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3 common lies dental clinics in Turkey tell you

Knowledge is powerful. Access to google and the entire web enables us to acquire information to make an intelligent decision and avoid being fooled. What could be the common lies dental clinics in Turkey might tell you? Let’s get started.

Once you start searching for the best dental clinics in Turkey, dental implants, veneers, crowns, and dentists you end up in an ocean. An ocean of irrelevant, asymmetric information provided by the clinics. At Dental Guide Turkey we saw a problem of people being misled by nice words and “whatever it takes to say to convince a patient”. You’ve probably already talked to numerous representatives of dental clinics. You might have thought all they do is just provide surface-level information in a nice format. 

But what pitfalls are waiting for you in Turkey? Here is a complete guide to everything you need to know about dental treatments and surgeries in Turkey. We take pride in our information gathered from our long experience in dealing with dental tourists. 

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We’ve divided this article into few parts. Feel free to jump to the one you need. 


veneers in Turkey
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Veneers are one of the easiest and fastest methods to improve and enhance the appearance of your teeth. It is why veneers are the most popular procedure in Turkey.

Veneers are usually done in only 2 sessions with preparatory work and healing in between. During your first appointment dentists uses CAD cam and 3D scanners for 100% accuracy. They also file some of your teeth tissue for future veneers. Later you’ll be given plastic temporary veneers so you won’t feel any sensitivity. That way, you’ll be able to enjoy your vacation and tasty Turkish kebabs while a dental clinic is preparing your veneers. 

How to choose the right dental clinic for veneers? 

First of all, you need to know that installing veneers is a very simple procedure that doesn’t require much of dental experience. All the heavy lifting is done in the laboratory. A dentist only files teeth tissue and attaches them. In comparison to complex dental surgeries, any dentists with few years of experience can attach veneers with a 100% success rate. 

What plays a major role in veneers’ durability and appearance is laboratory work and materials you choose. 

All dental clinics in Turkey have access to premium materials coming from Europe or the USA. Any clinics in the world can buy expensive veneers materials. 

However, the majority of dental patients are price sensitive and thus prefer the cheapest option. Dental clinics in Turkey offer the stated price for standard materials as well along with the premium ones. 

So, often to attract more patients when they send you an offer with the price for standard, sometimes low-quality materials. While comparing the prices ask what materials they are going to use to prepare your veneers! 

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Dental implants

dental implant Turkey
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Dental implants mimic the appearance and functionality of a real tooth. So you can maintain a beautiful smile and continue eating all your favorite food and smile. 

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Installing dental implants is a serious dental surgery that involves high risks and thus requires a high level of experience from a prosthodontist. It is a general dentist who received additional extensive training in tooth replacement and oral surgery. So, a general dentist can only handle routine dental care and minor dental procedures. 

There is a difference between a prosthodontist and a general dentist. A prosthodontist deals with replacing teeth and restoring your oral health and function throughout your entire mouth. General dentists focus on repairing teeth and ensuring that they remain healthy. 

It is important to clarify from a dental clinic about prosthodontists’ level of experience and how many successful dental implants he/she has performed. When it comes to dental implants, it is the experience of prosthodontists that plays a major role in the success rate. 

What else to know about the dental implants?

Let’s talk about materials and brands for a while here as well. What do you need to know?

There are over 100 companies produce implant components However, there are just a handful of major dental implant companies that are well-known and well-respected worldwide.

These companies include Straumann, Zimmer Biomet, Nobel BioCare, MIS, BioHorizon, and Dentsply.

Deciding which implant system to invest in can be a bewildering and time-consuming process. For most routine implant cases, it is less likely to matter which implant system you choose but your choice of implants can become more relevant in more complex situations such as for patients with low bone volume.

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Dental clinics’ benefits

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While comparing prices, pay attention to not only the veneers’ or dental implants’ price, but also what is included and how much other services cost. Probably you’ll want to do extra treatments such as root canal or filling, laser whitening, or teeth cleaning. Sometimes clinics might have similar dental implants pricing but everything else costs differently. It can be as 3 times more expensive to do teeth whitening. 

Also, check inclusive services. Procedures like local anesthesia, Airport-Hotel-Clinic Transfer, Volumetric Tomography, Panoramic X-Ray, crown abundant, etc. Some clinics include the following services and some don’t. 

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Finally, do not worry about the common lies dental clinics in Turkey might tell you

Because we are here to help. At Dental Guide Turkey we believe in providing people relevant and accurate information about dental practices in Turkey. Therefore we chose the common lies dental clinics in Turkey topic, hoping to assist you with anything that could potentially bother you. We hope that you will be able to avoid unpleasant situations and make smarter decisions thanks to this guide.

Turkey is a home for world-class dental clinics that offer a wide range of services and dental treatments. Coming here will not only give you the smile of your dreams at a large discount, but also the vacation you’ll never forget. 

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